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AC Flooring will help you find the right flooring for your lifestyle and your budget.

Find out how our commitment to service makes all the difference.

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Flooring Saskatoon

Durability, Comfort, Style, Value.How Do You Choose?

There are plenty of flooring options available, from comfortable carpet, to durable vinyl and laminate, to timeless hardwoods and tile. Selecting the right flooring and installing it properly can mean the difference between a smart investment and a disappointing outcome.

So we recommend choosing wisely! That's where AC Flooring can help, with expert local advice on your best options.

Drop in and talk to our staff, or book an appointment with one of our interior designers.

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Looking through our samples and learning more about our products and brands is just a start.

The next step is to get inspired - AND WE CAN HELP!

Have a look through images from local installations, and sample some creative flooring solutions.

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Locally Owned & Operated

When you're looking for the right flooring, there are many benefits to working with a local company. At AC Flooring, we are flooring specialists, knowledgeable about our products and able to put in the time to help you explore your options.

AC Flooring offers top after sales service, and can schedule installation with our in-house contractors. From design, to sales, to installation, you work with our dedicated staff from the day you walk in our showroom to the day you walk across your beautiful new floors.

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Flooring Specialists

AC Flooring works with homeowners, builders, property managers and commercial building owners around Saskatoon and area. With our range of experience, you can trust that you'll get just what you need.

We are Saskatoon's insurance claims specialists, recommended by some of Saskatoon's largest home insurers as the company of choice for accurate and efficient claims quotes and installations.

If you have a large project, give our team a call.

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